How We Partner With Brands

Excel Studio is a creative, design, animation, and technology studio – which means one of our core strengths lies in providing creative solutions for internal marketing teams.

Leading a marketing or creative team can be challenging for a company of any scale. Constantly balancing deadlines, budgets, and other tasks get’s to be a lot. So when creative work gets overwhelming, Excel Studio jumps in to lighten the load.

What exactly is a Creative Studio?

At its core, we are a full-service creative extension of your team. Our workflow must align with your organization to be successful, which is why we strive to work closely with you.


Our first step when working with a brand is to get to know our client contact and the individuals we will be working with. Relationships are crucial when collaborating with internal teams, as bringing in a third party can be intimidating. Establishing that relationship is key in communicating how we function as an extension of your team, not a replacement.

Better Project Planning = Better Projects

80% of people spend at least half their time on rework. That’s a lot of valuable hours lost — and it could be avoided with a little extra forethought.


Stellar PM Looks Like:


1. Stakeholder alignment from the beginning
2. Set Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.
3. Ensure everyone is on the same page
4. Flag the risks in advance
5. Set Budget & Billing Expectations


The thing about project management is that it can often feel invisible when it’s done right. And sometimes, defining the value of project management in nuts-and-bolts numbers can be tricky. The outcome is increased happiness, smoother workflows, and improved efficiency across all stakeholders.

Our Mindset: Partnership > Project

A relationship accomplishes more than one project ever will. When we form a relationship with our clients we’re able to dive deeper than just the creative work at hand. We get to know your favorite coffee order, your favorite memes, and the things you love most about the work you do. It’s important to form that relationship because when we get to know you, we get to know your brand from the people that know it best. We believe that greater things come from people who enjoy working together.


Our goal is that when you work with us, it’s not that you’re working with an outside agency, you’re simply working with your team to create something that kicks ass.

Does this sound familiar?


1. You have experienced marketers, but are in need of creative support
2. You are stretched to the max with their workload
3. You require experienced creators
4. You lack the creative resources to execute an idea or campaign
5. You want an outside perspective

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How We Partner With Brands

Excel Studio provides creative solutions for internal marketing teams.

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