How We Integrate With Agencies

Excel Studio is a creative, design, animation, and technology studio. We leverage our vast capabilities and good-natured personalities to build relationships with and provide creative solutions alongside your team.

Agencies working with agencies might seem a little odd at first because other agencies are supposed to be the competition. But we think that bigger and better things come from a partnership. At the end of the day, we’re in it to make clients happy, so let’s make something great together. Our workflow with agencies remains flexible from client to client, as each project is different. We have experience working directly with our partner agency and their client contact where both companies are visible, as well as simply working as part of our partner agency’s team.


We typically work with other agencies that:

1. Are strategic marketing firms with no creative resources

2. Require a specialist in a certain creative area

3. Lack the bandwidth to perform the creative work

4. Are looking to impress their client

The most important part of any agency-agency relationship is the understanding that we put the client’s needs above all. Our number one priority is developing engaging creative that fulfills the client’s vision. Through this agency-agency partnership, the client is getting a team with expertise across multiple disciplines that will deliver them the best creative possible.

No matter the project, our goal is the same, make you feel like you’re not working within an outside agency, rather you’re working with your team to create something that kicks ass.

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