Typography Talks

Typography is the style and appearance of type, it involves; typefaces, point sizes, line, and letter spacing, etc. The typeface is where typography does most of its talking.

A typeface is a group of characters that share the same design, most people refer to this as a font. Much like you and I, typefaces have personalities. They can be playful, serious, sassy, dangerous, and so on. Personality is created through the design of the typeface, which is ultimately how typography conveys emotions and purpose.

Because typefaces can talk, you have to be careful with how you use them. The typeface’s personality needs to match what you’re trying to say through the document or design. Think about it like this, you need to be aware of your tone and expression when you’re talking to people. It works the exact same way in typography.

Here’s some proof, just to further our point:

So how do you pick a typeface that says the right thing?

  • Identify the tone of your brand and how you want your audience to think of you. Is your brand serious? Is your brand wild? Is your brand modern?

  • Understand the purpose of the text in the document. Should the text convey a specific emotion?

  • Sometimes it’s easiest to start by saying the wrong thing. Find the opposite of what you want to say, then work your way backward.

Friendly Reminder to All: Typography talks, be careful what you say.

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