Briggs & Stratton Product Ad

Briggs & Stratton is an American Fortune 1000 manufacturer of gasoline engines, their engine lines range from lawnmowers, utilities, racing, and snow blowers. As a large company, Briggs & Stratton offers a vast product line that is customized to suit each specific need of the customer. One of the company’s main tasks is educating their customers on which product is right for their specific needs, while also demonstrating how the product works.

Briggs & Stratton has a long list of products that were first engineered many years ago, yet remain a product that is still manufactured and sold today. With product longevity likes this, there comes a time to update the guides and materials that support the product. Briggs & Stratton needed a creative partner to update their Home Generator Benefits Video.

The message of the video would remain the same, but the goal was to communicate it in a more captivating way. The video previously relied on interview footage and static text elements to share with the viewer why they needed a generator. Our approach was to utilize the new footage, 360 and internal prod vis, and kinetic text animation to engage the viewer. The video persuades the viewer by showing what life is like both with and without a generator when things go wrong. The animated text then provides impactful statistics on why owning a generator is important, and how it can save you money in the future.

The video is effective in that it visually encapsulates why the viewer should buy a generator. Through the footage, the viewer sees the difference between owning a generator and not owning one when disaster strikes, and how that can impact their life. The infographics then show the frequency of power outages and the cost savings that a generator can provide in the future. Rather than listening to someone say why they need a generator, the customers of Briggs & Stratton can now see it for themselves.

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