Enerquip 3D Asphalt Plant Tour

Enerquip came to our team looking to produce some animation materials for sales and education opportunities – which meant creating a 3D tour of an asphalt plant that their products are installed at. They manufacture tube and heat exchanger systems and those systems are integrated into the operations of certain facilities. We built a full 3D environment from scratch, that included terrain mapping, on-site buildings, system of pipes, and a rail car system.

Creative Process

There are many phases of 3D development and it’s a very complex and time-consuming process – but it’s worth it. Take a deeper look into our process and development for this project, including environment development, studio scenes of their isolated equipment and final scene development.

The Build

The modeling process takes careful attention to shape and scale to build 3D environments from scratch. Here’s a walk through of our build process to show you how we created the footprint of this asphalt plant.


We spend many hours not only materializing and lighting products like this, but also establishing dynamic camera positions and camera moves. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the animation sequences for this project.

Style Frames

Here are some of the key moments of this project.

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