Excel Engineering Creative

Passion for design that exceeds expectation comes just as naturally to Excel as it does to us. Rooted right in the heart of Wisconsin, this full-service architectural and engineering firm creates state-of-the-art developments across all of North America.

Project Photography

Excel needed project photography that would fully communicate their abilities to their clients. We travel across the region to capture their completed work in all of its glory. Our photography style highlights and articulates the integrity and details of their labor. We seek to give them something they are proud to place into their portfolio and display for years to come. We believe that when a job is well done, it should be documented in a way that solidifies a legacy.

Close up of a metal corner on a building photographed from the ground, looking up
Blue, white, black corporate office exterior photography
Corporate office front desk with wood decor
Enclosed blue conference room at Nelson-Jameson's office.
Office kitchen and break room with orange accents

Expansion Coverage

Excel underwent a two-story loft-style expansion on their current building and desired to document the entire process. From Day 1, we were onsite capturing photos and video. Each week we would return to the project site, geared up with a hard hat and a camera to see how the building had changed. Throughout the entire construction process, we were able to document the various Excel Divisions’ work that is otherwise hidden once a project is finished. The assets collected are not only important in the present but will be valuable assets for Excel to reflect on in the future.


In the Architecture and Engineering industry, an abundance of materials is constantly needed. Excel was frequently creating presentations, proposals, brochures when they realized they needed creative support. Our team spent a lot of time studying the content of the existing documents, we wanted to develop a deep understanding of the purpose of each document. The majority of the documents are extremely text-heavy, as the level of detail in the copy is important. We transformed Excel’s material design by utilizing sections to highlight important information and layering in design elements that enhance the document, not clutter it. It was important to us that Excel’s look remained precise and clean, as best reflects Excel’s ability to create detailed designs.

With an impressive portfolio spanning multiple industries, the Excel team consistently delivers exceptionally engineered buildings and systems. Their tireless research, intuitive insights, and artful planning shine through every time. Our job? To simply showcase the beauty-meets-functionality of the finished project through project photography and flawlessly designed materials.

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