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Hawaiian Bros is an up-and-coming fast-food franchise that serves traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Owners, Cameron and Tyler, personally perfected cooking the Hawaiian cuisine and did not open their first Hawaiian Bros until native Hawaiians approved of the food. The Hawaiian Bro’s menu is centered around the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch. The plate lunch consists of meat, two scoops of white rice, and one scoop of macaroni salad.


Hawaiian Bro’s works with the Excel Retail Division to design future franchise prototypes. The Excel team provides the prototypes for both the exterior and interior design. Hawaiian Bros wanted artwork throughout the building that was reflected by Hawaii and the Hawaiian Bro’s brand. But, they wanted to see how the artwork would look in the space now, not once the build was in action. We partnered with our Architecture and Interior Design Divisions to design the murals within the interior sit-down dining area and the drive-thru. With the help of those divisions, we were able to get the specs of the spaces, as well as exact color matches and materials used throughout the prototype.


Prod Vis

Hawaiian Bros wanted to push boundaries with their future prototype design, but they also wanted to see how the design would function. Our static renders of a building were unable to show the owners how the building would function. So, our team took our static renders and got to animating. We played out scenes of how people would order inside the restaurant, how cars would move through the parking and into the drive-through line, and even how the kitchen staff would navigate the stations within the kitchen. The Hawaiian Bros owners were able to get a full look at the restaurant experience of their prototype. The animated renders probably would have gotten the point across, but we took it one step farther with VR technology. The owners were able to put on goggles, and walk through the building for themselves.


Hawaiian Bros brings an innovative and unique perspective to everything that they do, and their future franchise prototype was no different. It was a rewarding experience to give their owners a way to better visualize how their future restaurants were going to look and function. With advances in product visual technology and VR, we were able to give project owners a better look at their prototypes. After all, there’s nothing like being able to test out a product when you’re looking to commit.

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