Mercury Racing Creative

A partnership is defined as the relationship between two or more people to do trade or business. But after years of working with one another, our relationship with Mercury Racing is so much more than that. Time and time again, we’ve traveled across the country with one another, spent late nights celebrating the day’s successes, and tossed the fish around the room. To us, the Mercury Racing team is so much more than our client, they’re our co-workers, and even more importantly some of our favorite people.

As part of the Mercury Racing team, we aid their internal strategy team with social media, content creation, design, and product vis.


The internal team at Mercury Racing came to us to develop a cohesive social media strategy, create diverse content and to manage their social community. Excel Studio developed Mercury Racing's social strategy so that each post caters to the interests of one of Mercury Racing's four target audiences, and promotes one of Mercury Racing's brand pillars. Our team produces diverse forms of content ranging from videos, product vis animations, and graphics to support the strategy. From there, we also perform community management. We interact with the audiences we target on each platform by resharing their photos and videos, and liking and commenting on their posts.

In 1 Year We’ve:

Increased Instagram Following by 32K


Increased Instagram Video Views by 298.5%


Earned 39.3 M Total Impressions


Earned 1.5 M Total Engagements


Increased Link Clicks by 193.1%


Increased Received Messages by 213.2%

Content Creation

The Racing team utilized their image library from prior photoshoots, but after months of social posts, these assets were heavily depleted. Excel Studio acts as Mercury Racing’s capturer and creator of content. We coordinate photoshoots, scout locations, create shot lists and coordinate the photoshoot day to ensure everything smoothly. Post-shoot, we cull through thousands of images, edit the selects and sort through hours of footage. Aside from capturing and editing the base-level content, we also take on the role of video creators. We deliver videos that tell a story by masterfully combining footage, animations, sound effects, and music.


Mercury Racing met a similar problem with Design as they did with Content Creation, they needed some creators to develop materials. Our team stepped in to act as their Brand Designer. Our role was not simply copying the brand book that had been established, rather we took a different approach. We stuck to the design but chose to slowly introduce new elements and treatments that would continue to evolve the brand. The Racing brand is about seeking out new opportunities, so we apply that same mindset when creating brand materials, they’re no such thing as playing it safe.

Prod Vis

The problem with Mercury Racing’s prod vis was that it didn’t exist. Their current way of displaying products was through product photos. Product photos aren’t good enough for two reasons: the first being that there are visual inconsistencies when it comes to light and positioning in product photos, and the second is that you can’t animate them. Our team, utilized 3D programs to create photorealistic prod vis that are completely uniform across the board AND the products can be animated to show the various details and functions of a product.


As Mercury Racing’s creative partner, our role is to execute creative that exemplifies the brand. Mercury Racing is raw, refined, respected, and real, so it is our mission to ingrain these principles in every piece of content we create.


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