Trek Madone Product Launch

Excel Studio partnered with Trek to help tell a story about their newest road bike – the Madone 7 SLR. This newly redesigned road bike is the fastest road bike they’ve ever built. Our team created 3D animations and paired that with music and sound design to create a teaser video, tech animations about the product, as well as the main film for their global product launch across multiple channels.

Creative Process

There are many phases of 3D development and it’s a very complex and time-consuming process – but it’s worth it. Take a deeper look into our process and development for this project.

Inspiration & Planning

We pulled dozens of examples that inspired us early-on in the creative development process. It was important to identify inspiration styles that reflected the mood and darkness of Madone’s villain personality. We explored dimly-lit wind tunnel and bat cave environments to build our final environment for this project.


Here’s a look at some of the original storyboard frames that were presented to the client. The story evolved during the process, but we stayed true to the inspiration and feeling that this idea was built on.


We spend many hours not only materializing and lighting products like this, but also establishing dynamic camera positions and camera moves. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the animation sequences for this project.

Sound Design

Our team was tasked to develop a “feel” for this project that was emotional and driven by energy – while telling a dramatic story. Here’s our development with sound design.

Style Frames

Here are some of the key moments of this project.

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