Window Select TV Ad Spot

Window Select serves Wisconsin homeowners by offering replacement windows, vinyl siding, and entry doors. Their high-end product line includes the Defender Max window package, a commercial-grade spacer system, and energy-efficient windows doors, and siding. Window Select needed a creative resource to produce a commercial that would advertise their “Buy One Get One Free” sale. BOGO sales are quite popular in the window industry and are heavily advertised on TV, so Window Select needed a way to differentiate their commercial from the competition.

Windows Select wanted to do a product-driven commercial but did not have the product assets to do so. The majority of the product photos they had were all taken after installation, which in no way would set them apart from the competition. Static photos would also fail to show the functionality of the window, and specifically how the window would open and close. Window Select had the vision to make windows fun again, but they weren’t going to be able to do it with a few pictures of windows on a house.

Prod Vis

To solve Window Select’s issue of no product visuals, we brought one of their windows back to the studio and created a model. Having the window in-house allowed us to study how the window moved and helped us nail down the finer details of the window. Creating this product model set the groundwork for the rest of the commercial, as the product vis was ready for animation. We produced a series of animation sequences showcasing the functionality of the window and while highlighting other aspects of the product in combination with 2D text animation.


The result of this project was an uplifting and eye-catching commercial that firmly distinguished Window Select from its competitors. We helped Window Select transition from using a run-of-the-mill window commercial that featured happy people smiling at windows to a commercial filled with high-tech and eye-catching visuals that truly showed off their product.

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